We are currently witnessing two major transformations on our planet. The end of the era of fossil fuel as the basic resource for energy supply and production and the transformation of human life, organisation and work, driven by digitalisation. These processes come along with extensive change and multiple challenges but can also be seen as a great chance in case we don´t hesitate to take action and put in the necessary effort to shape the transformation in accordance with our common values. We need to analyse, detect and eliminate potential risks for our society as effective and fast as we can while simultaneously promoting the positive aspects of change for nature, transport, energy and the socio-ecological transformation of our economy. The innovations within the digital transformation can be a crucial help here, but only if we make digitalization a benefit for all.

I am committed to these values and apply my political work to the task of reaching these goals, in Munich, Bavaria, Berlin and throughout Europe.

Membership of Bundestag bodies and parliamentary posts (in the 19th legislation period)

Rede von Dieter Janecek in der Debatte zur Digitalumsetzungsstrategie am 21.02.2019

I am a member of the German Parliament since 2013 where I represent the constituency München-West/Mitte. I was elected spokesperson for digital economy and industrial policy for the parliamentary group of my political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. Furthermore, I am holding positions in the following bodies of the German Bundestag:

  • Chairman of the Green parliamentary group of the Committee on the Digital Agenda
  • Chairman of the Green parliamentary group of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Member of the Green parliamentary group of the Committee of Enquiry on Artificial Intelligence

Aside of the positions in bodies of the German Bundestag, I am also engaged in a wide range of other political or civil associations and committees:

  • Member of Friends of the Earth Germany
  • Member of the political advisory committee of the Federation BioEnergy (BBE), Bonn
  • Member of the political advisory committee of the Federation of the Entrepreneurs Associations (BUV), Berlin
  • Member of the political advisory committee of the German AI Federation, Berlin
  • Member of the political advisory committee of the Federation 3D printing, Berlin.

Being in close contact with citizens, NGOs and representatives from the world of science or economy is the fundamental basis for my political work. I consider steady and unbiased dialog the best way to meet the vast expectations of the positions I hold and to guarantee political success for all.

Vita and political career

I was born in Pirmasens on 25 May 1976, I am Roman Catholic, married and I have three children. I obtained my Abitur (higher-education entrance qualification) at the Karl von Closen academic secondary school in Eggenfelden in 1995 and studied at the Bavarian School of Public Policy in Munich, graduating with a degree in political sciences in 2001.

My political career started in Rottal-Inn, where I had been a member of the regional Branch of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen before I moved to Munich in 2000, where I became spokesperson for the Young Greens Munich. One year before, I had already been treasurer for the Bavarian Land Branch of the Young Greens. After I graduated from university, I was a PR consultant from 2001 to 2003 before I changed job and started to work as advisor on internal communications for the Bavarian branch of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen from 2003 to 2005 under chairman Sepp Daxenberger who had an important influence on my political personality.

From 2006 on, I represented and worked for the Bavarian Land branch of my party as executive secretary. In October 2008 I was elected chairman of the Bavarian branch of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and re-elected two times afterwards, in 2010 and 2012. After being elected candidate of my party for the German parliamentary election, I became member of the German Parliament in 2013.

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